Temperature Monitor

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The temperature monitor is an ideal Instrument for monitoring temperature were critical items need to be monitored. The unit can be used in conjunction with existing BMS, SCADA, Alarm system, PLC or any logging device that can take an analogue signal. The unit is equipped with both analogue and digital outputs, which are backed up via an on-board battery. The unit monitors the mains status which is battery backed up. The analogue out-put and digital out-put is maintained during power failure making it possible to log the status and temperature during power outages. The unit is equipped with a local alarm which is selectable for specific monitoring.


Typical Applications


Monitoring of Medical Supplies, Pharmacies, Clinical Trial Medication, Laboratories, Blood Samples, Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Monitoring of Air Conditioning Systems

Monitoring of Office areas and residents

Climate control in specific areas

Monitoring of server rooms, digital output can be linked monitoring software or Alarm System where zoning is monitored




Excellent price/performance ratio

Easy installation

Long term stability

Power Monitoring - Mains

Relay Output – Alarms

Analogue Output (-5 to 50°C) – Building Management System or Scada etc.

Battery backup

Display with back-lit screen

Uses a standard PT100 temperature sensor


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